What Rocketship Education has Achieved at Their Ten Year Mark

Rocketship Education recently marked a decade of serving children in grades K-5 by listing ten tasks they could benefit from by implementing them into their approach to education. As a network of charter schools aimed at providing better educations for children of low-income households, Rocketship Education has always focused on connecting families and educators. After ten years of serving communities in California, they still advocate getting involved with parents and students by providing home visits for personalized learning. They also believe in helping parents become leaders in their communities to help bring about the type of changes that will benefit their children in the future. They saw the results of their efforts when a parent from San Jose helped implement changes that brought about the construction of a new middle school and high school.

The team behind Rocketship Education is also working toward bringing all schools together in an effort to provide better educations for students from all types of backgrounds. Rather than have people think charter schools are designed to segregate students, they strive to make it known that their schools put the interests of the children first without regard to their race or ethnicity. They also believe in taking action in order to demonstrate what their schools stand for. This is seen in the number of people who actively choose to enroll their children in the charter schools that are part of the Rocketship Education network.

The philosophy that every student can succeed is what propels Rocketship Education to continually move forward in their efforts to provide students with the best education possible. They achieve this by staffing their charter schools with educators who want to take an active role in their students learning. They also encourage parents to become more involved in the role they play in the educational system. The students who attend Rocketship Education charter schools receive personalized learning to help them grow and advance toward a brighter future. These leaders take the time to create programs that meet the needs of every student through an integration of technology and tutoring to ensure what they learn takes root.