Some of the Common Orthopedic Procedures and Information about Greg Finch

Orthopedic is a division of surgery that deals with issues concerning the musculoskeletal system. The experts who work in this field can use either surgical or non –surgical techniques to treat any trauma caused by the musculoskeletal, injury caused by sports, a disease of the spine, tumors, infections, congenital disorders, and diseases.

Bone Fracture Repair

The procedure is conducted when a bone which is broken does not heal or fails to heal with casting and splinting only. The surgery is recommended especially in cases where the bone is sticking through the skin or fractures that involve the joints like the wrists and ankles. Depending on where the bone has been broken one might take a few minutes to several hours in the surgery room. As a way to secure the bone, the orthopedic might use pins, rods, plates, screws which could either be permanent or temporary.

Spinal Fusion

The spinal fusion is a surgical process that is used to repair the vertebrae of the spine. The procedure is designed to eradicate the motion that is found between the vertebral segments which are known to be excruciating, eradicates spinal deformity. The process involves the addition of the spine so as to cause a biological response which allows the graft to grow between the vertebrae. This in turn increases a fusion and to motion taking place in that segment.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch got his bachelor in medicine and surgery from the University of Auckland in 1991. He further advanced his studies at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital where he got his spine surgery education in 2001. Before joining Sunshine Coat Private Hospital where he works, Greg Finch worked at the Shriners Children Hospital in Portland.

Greg Finch is a member of the Spine Society of Australia as well as the North American Spine Society. He has gained experience in his career by working with some of the world leaders in surgery in UK, USA, and German. Greg Finch is known to be among the best orthopedics.