Retirement Advice from David Giertz

As a president at Nationwide Financial, financial advisor David Giertz has truly risen to the top of his profession. Giertz is known for giving moderate, sensible advice to retirees. While many advisors insist that people scrimp and save, Giertz understands that fun is important, too.

Many times, seniors who have worked hard and saved all their lives find it difficult to become comfortable spending money. They feel guilty for having fun, even when they have ample funds to let go a little bit. David Giertz seeks to give his clients in this position permission to enjoy themselves.

Giertz differentiates between good discipline and going overboard. He encourages prudence, but not austerity. Retirees with millions of dollars in the bank have earned the privilege of taking a trip, or trying a new hobby. At the same time, Giertz understands that social security alone cannot provide a comfortable existence.

It’s important to find a balance. No one wants to be impoverished in retirement. But it’s important to understand that you can’t take your wealth with you; money is made to be spent, after all.

David Giertz has over 30 years of experience in the field of finance. Throughout his career, he has been a valued asset. Prior to his tenure at Nationwide Financial, he spent 10 years at Citigroup. After rising through the ranks there, he became executive vice president of sales. Today, he presides over Nationwide’s sales and distribution organization.

Giertz is a graduate of Millikin University. He completed his MBA at the University of Miami. He is registered with FINRA as a broker, and holds a number of certifications.

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