Malcolm CasSelle – Leading the Way for Advancing Bitcoin Technology and Applications

Crypto currency is a hot topic that is likely to be around for a very long time. Malcom CasSelle is the CIO of a bitcoin company, OPSkins, that happens to be the number one bitcoin merchant in world. His customers can safely make micro-payments across the world. Malcom CasSelle is also the President of Wax. Wax offers person-to-person trading for virtual video game assets. Wax builds its foundation on blockchain technology. The technology enables buyers and sellers to trade in a safe, efficient, manner.

As always, education matters. Malcom CasSelle received his BA degree from MIT and earned his masters degree from Stanford. His major was computer science for both degrees. CasSelle also speaks Mandarin and Japanese. There is an advantage in being able to speak these languages. To speak the language, a person must immerse themselves in the culture. This opens up doors for business opportunities that might not otherwise materialize.

CasSelle also helped co-found NetNoir and served as its CTO. NetNoir was the first media production website that addressed Afrocentric culture. His company was also the first outside company that AOL accepted into its Greenhouse Program. His resume also includes having served as a senior VP and advisor to Pacific Century CyberWorks CEO.

Capital Union Investments hired him as a director from 2006-2013.

There, he managed investments for web companies in their late stages of growth. He has also worked with Tencent, and was a top executive in the company’s joint venture program with Groupon. Te company Wax offers an amazing platform for a fully functional virtual marketplace where security, payment processing, and infrastructure are completely in place.

WAX services the online video universe by offering an unlimited assortment of game assets. There are an estimated 400 million plus players who buy, sell, and trade in-game items online. Malcom CasSelle has the experience and knowledge to always be in the hunt wherever there is breakthrough or disruptive technology.