Don Ressler; Fabletics And Corporate Social Responsibility

Recently, Kate Hudson made an appearance at an occasion that was celebrating the launch of a global campaign in the struggle against breast cancer. The campaign is a partnership between Fabletics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America for FTBC. Kate’s appearance was highlighted by her launch of the bright blue and baby pink capsule items that are going to help the FTBC initiative.

Kate Hudson who is a co-founding partner at Fabletics was happy to get involved in the fight against breast cancer. Kate averred that her involvement in the initiative was not only important to her but also to the company and the society at large.

This was the second time that Kate Hudson actively involved herself with FTBC. The fashion icon who’s the face and ambassador of Fabletics is keen on establishing the corporate social responsibility arm of Fabletics. The partnership between Fabletics and FTBC will see Fabletics launch a capsule collection that will be available throughout October which is the official month of marking Breast Cancer Awareness. The capsule collection will comprise of three pairs of garments that are tailored specifically for the FTBC occasion. The pairs of clothes include either a legging and a top clothing or a Capri and a tank top.

According to Kate Hudson, the partnership and initiatives under FTBC will not only raise awareness about breast cancer but also help steer innovation and research in the field of oncology so that the disease can be eliminated.

All the proceeds from the capsule collections will be channeled to FTBC global to facilitate all the initiatives under the program. For those who want to contribute to this noble cause, they can purchase the items from Fabletics’ digital platforms or any of its 22 stores spread across the United States.

The Fabletics brand is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs namely: Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The enterprise opened its doors for business in the year 2013 and had grown within a short period to become a fashion powerhouse.

Don Ressler and Adam have been working behind the scenes to steer the growth of the enterprise. Kate Hudson provides the much-needed marketing and sale strategies that have kept the company in good books on revenue since the firm was launched. According to Don Ressler, one of the factors that differentiate the company’s business model is its ability to appeal to all customers in the fashion industry.