, Smart Money, and NCAAF Bowl Games

Smart money, the money directed by those who are highly knowledgeable about gambling, is moving in the direction of certain college football bowl game odds. Predicting solid NCAAF odds is never easy, but certain underlying activities does lead to an expectation of certain outcomes or performances. Line movement in NCAAF betting shows what the geniuses of smart money are expecting. The movement is intriguing since the lines for the first round of top games have not been published for an extended period of time. works hard at being the top venue for college football odds. A great deal of expertise is reflected in the news and analysis reported on the site. The opening rounds of bowl game odds have been looked at very carefully at Editorial analysis and opinion making from the site would be worth checking out.

Washington and Alabama square off in the Peach Bowl, an event taking place on New Year’s Eve and the literal kickoff to all the awesome bowl games taking place in 2017. Alabama opened at -14 and moved to -15.5, which shows the team is the big favorite. Smart money is heading to Alabama and doing so in high volumes.

The Fiesta Bowl features Ohio State and Clemson in a head-to-head matchup. A report on the almost downplays the interest in the game. is credible with its reporting on odds and a video interview at the site acknowledges only small bets seem to be rolling in with this game.

Ohio State is at -3 with the wagering line being -120. The game, despite the high profile of being a top bowl game, is just not garnering a lot of interest. Games with low NCAAF odds are hard to predict. The line is only one field goal away from being an even game. Yet, the wagers are skewed by the -120 component.

Smart money looks very closely at all the factors surrounding college football odds. Big betters do have to be careful with how they wager. They usually put a lot of money down on the games they choose. Being deliberate with their decisions is what keeps the money in the “smart” column.

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  1. In other words, those who wish to bet big money are putting their funds right behind Alabama. The public reflects those who place smaller bets and they are wagering on Washington. The huge point spread leads them to back the underdog. This is going to be a way to write paper and make sure it is written fully well for them all.

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