How The Oxford Club Operates

The Oxford Club conveys financial and trading information to its members via several publications, among them daily emails and monthly newsletters. The Club’s main publication is The Oxford Communique.

This monthly newsletter contains detailed investment advice on market behavior, trading, and investment opportunities from the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green.

The Newsletter also contains advice on myriad other subjects ranging from healthy living to politics. Club members also receive frequent updates on the Communique’s investment reports and market updates.

The Club has another publication called The Oxford Income Letter; it contains advice from the Club’s chief income strategist on how to create an impressive income portfolio. The Newsletter contains expert analysis and recommendations on the best dividend stocks to invest in.

The Oxford Resource Explorer is the club’s other notable newsletter; this one contains expert advice on investment in natural gas, oil, rare metals, alternative energy, and other resources.


The Oxford Club has three different levels of membership each with its advantages as well as obligations. The Premier Membership is the basic level of Club membership, and it is made up of people who have paid for any of the Club’s publications.

Premier members have to renew their membership each year, and they get to enjoy a lot of the club’s benefits. Members of the next level, known as The Director’s Circle Membership, are Members of the club for Life. A member’s family upon their death can inherit director’s circle membership.

The highest level of membership is known as the Chairman’s Circle. Chairman’s Circle members enjoy exclusive features on the club’s website, and they meet annually at luxurious locations to network and deliberate on the club’s future.


The Oxford Club is one of the most respected group of investors in the world. Joining the club gives you access to expert consultation on investment options and a chance to interact with successful investors.

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