Waiakea Representatives Discuss Scientific Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water

Waiakea Spring, the producer of the highly alkaline, volcanic Waiakea water, has recently sent representatives of the company to discuss the scientific benefits of the consumption of alkaline water with the general public.

Representatives from the company held a general press conference during which the officials stated that the alkaline water produced by Waiakea is extremely beneficial to the health of those who drink it due to the fact that it dramatically decreases the body’s ability to sustain diseases, raises the body’s overall pH balance, and calms the gut so that it can retain an adequate level of nutrients and minerals.

Decrease of the Body’s Ability to Sustain Disease

Waiakea Water representatives began the discussion by presenting scientific evidence that supports the fact that alkaline water decreases the body’s ability to sustain diseases. When the human body encounters an infection or a disease, its natural defense mechanisms kick in to fight the invader. The human immune system begins to work consistently until the threat to the human’s health is removed.

Because the western diet is filled with harmful processed food, oils, sugars, and toxins, most people do not have an immune system that works as well as it should. By consuming alkaline water, humans can improve the condition of internal organs and change the condition of the immune system, making it extremely difficult for diseases to survive once they enter the body.

Raising of the Body’s Overall PH BALANCE

According to BabyBoomster, Waiakea water representatives also discussed alkaline water’s ability to raise the body’s pH balance to an alkaline state. Scientific evidence suggests that disease is unable to live in an alkaline body and that disease actually thrives in acidic environment.

By consuming alkaline water and alkaline foods (like vegetables) on a regular basis, humans can strengthen their bodies over time and avoid most illnesses.

Calming of the Gut for Nutrient Retention

According to Organic Authority, in addition to the evidence that supports alkaline water’s ability to lower the body’s pH balance and prevent illness, Waiakea water representatives discussed the water’s effect on the human gut. Modern science has shown that gut health is much more important to overall human health than science has ever realized.

Alkaline water has a healing effect on the gut and works to heal the microscopic tears in the gut that have developed in humans who consume western diets. Because the water heals the tears, nutrients and minerals are not able to penetrate the gut and the body absorbs them properly.