The Secure Securus Technologies Experience.

One of the most interesting companies for an It specialist to work could well perhaps be Securus Technologies. The information and technology company provides one of the most critical services to both the American and Canadian government institutions and maintains a very high standard of continuous innovation all throughout its operational existence. Beside the innovation factor, the goals of the company that its over 1,000 employees work towards bestows upon them a sense of purpose in the rehabilitation sector, and security sector. Also, working around prisoners can be very interesting because learning about convicts and the choices that made in life can also create a surreal environment to a persons’ creativity.

Securus Company is an American company that focuses its efforts in communication innovation, dedicated towards revamping prison systems for the maximization of communication integrity of the institutions that the company serves. The company’s main objective at any holding facility is to secure the facility by providing it with cutting edge technology customized for the institution and its entire community. Therefore, the job entails observing the organizational culture of the client institutions to determine the kind of computer programs to install. The company installs programs that control video and audio surveillances as well as lock systems for offices, alleys and cells. To design and install such programs, the Securus personnel have to observe the movements by officials and inmates and identify any structural weaknesses that need improvement.

The company is also interesting to work at since it upholds creativity, innovation, and invests in the same. Even though not all employees may be inclined towards the technological knowhow that is demanded of the company, they could still make suggestions that may be developed by the IT gurus at the firm. The company also enters into various partnerships for the sake of developing new or modified technologies and security products. Such partnerships involve new working engagements with different stuff and new ideas.

Also, the developers of software and hardware at the Securus Technologies get the opportunity to work on their developments and build on them. Weekly refurbishments of technologies mean that employees predominantly work on building and polishing up on technologies and designing updates that would throw trailers off the track. Additionally, most of the company personnel get to read the numerous letters of appreciation that stream in the company’s correspondence office. Whether the employees read them for leisure, to make analysis, for oversight, to speculate or draw inspiration, the positive feedback is always inspiring, encouraging and motivating.


Securus Technologies – Helping Reduce Crime Rate and Build Safer Communities with the Use of Technology

Securus Technologies is a company that has been in the correctional sphere for many years and has contributed significantly to bettering and modernizing the incarceration experience. Thanks to the advanced technological services provided by a company such as Securus Technologies, it is possible for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis. The company continually innovates and develops new services for the correctional sphere and the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement officials use the products and services of the Securus Technologies for investigative, data analytics, information collection, call detection, and other purposes. It makes it easier to gather information and to help with crime prevention.


Securus Technologies recently released a press release where it showcased many of the comments from the letters sent to the company by the law enforcement officials. These letters clearly showcase what they feel about the company and how its products and services can and does help. Securus Technologies loves to bring the best of technology to the correctional sphere and have advanced technology center in Dallas, Texas, where the company invited its customers and investors through the press release. The company believes it would help make the business machinery and the efforts of the company more transparent, which would also help with trust building.


I am with the law enforcement agencies for years and have found the services of Securus Technologies extremely helpful. The company has gone to lengths to use the power of technology to make communities safer and reduce the inmate-on-inmate crimes and has managed to do so. I have used their services like Investigation PRO and LBS, which is tremendously helpful for the law enforcement officials. It helps with catching the culprit as well as getting the evidence needed to convict them in the court of justice. It is easier for the officers to be more productive while performing their duties safely with products and services of Securus Technologies.