Lime Crime Makeup Breaks Beauty Boundaries With Sexy New ‘Scandal’ Velvetines Lipstick Addition

When a beauty company is on a serious roll and continuously launching amazing lipsticks and eye shadows, then we expect the good times to keep happening.

Lime Crime makeup never disappoints, and their newest intense shade Scandal proves that the power of a fabulous lipstick will never go out of style, especially one that is sexy, playful, mysterious and absolutely potent in pigment.

Scandal is that shade that turns every head; it’s the perfect blend of a deep rich purple-violet-plum that uses the sensuality of the reddest roses found in nature. Not only is the shade one of a kind, but the formula from Lime Crime’s Velvetines line makes all the difference. The liquid matte lippies are famous around the world because the colors are bold and beautiful, never drying on the lips, retain their super long staying power and feel just like velvet. In addition, the formula is dipped in the essence of French vanilla for that ooh la la sweet cupcake scent.

Velvetines lipsticks apply smoothly and evenly and are lightweight. There is no feathering or bleeding, and the formula dries quickly. From there, it doesn’t budge, and your lips are glam and sexy for at least eight hours. Your lips remain velvety-smooth and will not dry out.

Scandal is an excellent addition to the huge Velvetines lineup. At the moment, there are 45 stellar shades, and Scandal is a welcome new shade for those women who dare to wear it and create a scandal or two.

To get a perfect up close and personal look, check out the Velvetines line here.