Lacey and Larkin role in the arrest of Joe Arpaio

In October 2007, Michael Lacey and jam Larkin, two veteran journalist from Arizona were arrested in the middle of the night by officers from the office of the sheriff. Back then Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Why were they arrested? The office of the sheriff accused them of publishing information that revealed the verdict of grand jury before actual revelation. Lacey and Larkin are the founders of two media outlets known as Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

They used these two platforms to publish information on illegal activities of state officials. One of their newspapers had carried a story about Joe Arpaio where they accused him of supporting discrimination of Latinos in Maricopa County.

Under his instructions, his officers were carrying out mass violations of human rights by arresting and torturing people who were found to be living in the county with the proper documents.

Arizona is one of the states that have a high number of immigrants due to its proximity to the Mexico border. Many immigrants try to access the United States by going through the southern border. Joe Arpaio as the Sheriff of one of the adversely affected counties decided that he would stop the immigration.

However, the steps he took to stop immigration were horrendous. They amounted to a violation of human rights which is a crime under the law. According to human rights laws, it does not matter the origin or the nationality of a person, as long as they are human beings, they deserve to be treated with the respect that is deserved of every person.

Joe Arpaio did not seem to understand the role of human rights. He discriminated the immigrants without giving them a chance.

Immigrants in his county would be arrested, placed under concentration camps before being deported back to the countries. It is in the concentration camps where immigrants would face the worst treatment. All manner of crimes went on these facilities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

People were beaten, tortured and even killed. There was also an inadequate supply of basic needs such as water and food. The temperatures in the facilities would go up to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It was almost impossible for human beings to survive under such conditions.

Another thing that happened in these facilities is that people were never given an opportunity to seek medical attention. There many immigrants who died because they were denied a chance to get treatment.

With such actions happening, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin could not seat easily. They felt that there was a need to act on these cases by asking for the prosecution of Arpaio.

After the arrest and release, they took the county to court and were awarded $3.75 million in compensation. They decided that they would use these funds to support human rights groups in Arizona. They do not want to see such a thing happen to any other person.

Joe Arpaio was in 2017 pardoned by President Trump in what was a dark day in the history of human rights activism all over the world.

Gregory Aziz And His Many Contributions To Ontario

In the city of London Ontario on April 30, 1949, Gregory James Aziz was born. He grew to be a man of success and power and great wealth. He also became highly educated and experienced with financial investments, numbers, and sales. He used this knowledge to his advantage. Gregory James Aziz became a Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of one of the top railroad car manufacturing companies in the country and the world.


The company’s name is National Steel Car. He is also a philanthropist, giving back to his community and caring for the people around whenever possible. He is extremely wealthy, so he is always sponsoring events and hosting food drives. He is not your typical Chief Executive Officer. He is not greedy by any means or driven by receiving profits. He does what he does and gives what he does because he enjoys it and he believes it is the right thing to do.


Gregory Aziz shows his generosity through his actions every day. Greg balances a career, managing a business, family, and being a charitable member of society perfectly. It is a busy life, but it is a good life that Gregory Aziz enjoys very much. When he is not within the walls of National Steel Car, he can usually be found with his wife, Irene. They are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Fair every year. They share a very close bond as husband and wife. Few is also extremely close with his daughters. He spends a lot of his time watching his eldest perform in horse shows. She is an avid competitor and was even part of the Angelstone Tournament in 2014.


Greg Aziz ended up sponsoring the tournament and was thanked personally by the hosts of the tournament. They stated that they were extremely grateful to have his support and looked forward to him being a part of the Angelstone family. Gregory James Aziz is a standup guy who prioritizes the safety of his consumers when it comes to his company. He also cares about the well-being of his employees and there are many who will attest to this fact if you ask them.


Greg James Aziz will someday leave a legacy. It will be known that he was a man of power and wealth, but also was born with a bigger heart than most. His life story will inspire others to chase their dreams relentlessly for years to come.   Read This Article for related information.

National Steel Car: Introducing The Golden Age Of Canadian Rail Transport

During the 1800s, the government of Canada constructed an extensive railroad line that would serve the eastern and the western cities. It brought great comfort to the citizens, and many people have shifted in using railroad transport for travel because it is faster. These railroad lines continued to change the transportation scene in the country, and by 1900s, train travel has become one of the most efficient ways to travel from one place to another. In 1912, a group of wealthy investors from the city of Hamilton had a brilliant idea – they established a rolling stock manufacturing plant, and referred to it as the National Steel Car.



The reason why they created a rolling stock manufacturing plant is that they knew that rolling stocks would become in demand as Canada continues to expand its railroad system. After they established the company, the National Steel Car managed to get the attention of investors, and a lot of investment started pouring in. The National Steel Car served private railroad transport operators and even the government of Canada. The National Steel Car became one of the most in-demand companies back then, serving hundreds of clients and creating dozens of rolling stocks per week. Go Here for more information.



The success of the National Steel Car continued as the 1920s decade came. They are receiving more orders than before, and more people are starting to develop their interest in the company. Other times, the National Steel Car refuses to accept order because of the enormous order backlogs. This period in the history of the National Steel Car is known as their Golden Age because they have been considered successful during these times. However, their success is only short-lived, as the company’s performance plummeted during the period known as the Great Depression.



The National Steel Car managed to survive the economic crisis, and it is still thriving in the present. A wealthy Canadian businessman, named Gregory James Aziz, purchased the company back in the year 1994, serving as the company’s president, chairman, and CEO. Greg Aziz is now considered as one of the most successful businessmen in the country, as he was able to restore the National Steel Car back to its golden age condition. Greg Aziz also stated that he would work hard to expand the company’s operations continually, and for their products to reach a new market. Currently, the National Steel Car only has one international partner – the United States.

The Stand of Larkin and Lacey on the Civil and Human Right in the Community

Several countries across the world have restrictive policies which are guiding on the matters that relate to the human rights. Only some view legislation fall under the permissive category. Some restrictions limit authorities on the issues associated with the human rights are sometimes. Those who support the equality in the society apply the regulation for the benefits of the community.

Larkin and Lacey came under arrest after the order from the Sheriff. The two were captured while in their house at night. The incident occurred when the two journalists published in their magazine the information exposing the corruption in the administration of Sheriff. It was one way of criticizing the slagging authorities on the means they were handling the cases of development in the society.

The act raised concerned on the public which needed to know the cause of detention of the journalists. The pressure from the organization forced the judges to sidelined their case and released them. Read more:  Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The unlawful act of the authorities faced the consequences when they were sued by Lacey and Larkin. The finality of the evidence issued them with a compensation amount of $3.75 million which was used to improve the agendas of the small agencies in the niche of human rights.

The appointment by president Trump of the members of the Arpaio office to run for the second term in office after failing the society for the 24 years brewed harsh criticisms from the public.

The corruption which took place in the office only benefited the few individuals which were holding the upper hand in the office. Sheriff was the primary man behind all the evil activities in the administration, and the public was wishing him to be pulled out of the leadership scene with a better replacement.

Larkin and Lacey through their concern created their foundation called Larkin and Lacey Florentina Fund. The main ideas behind their step were to factor in the concept of equality to all people in the society regardless of their place of origin.

After the release of Larkin and Lacey from the jail, Michel Larkin expressed his concern to the inmates on the conditions that they were in a while in prison. They were served with poorly cooked meals all times. Additionally, they did not get an opportunity to take a bath though the temperatures in jail were high. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The fact about the matter reflects the weak leadership of the Sheriff and the greed of making money meant for improving correctional facilities for their use. The other case was the oppression of the immigrant in their place of work. For instance, the county authorities failed to observe the court order after the incident of discrimination at Latinos.

Most of the practices at the administration of the Sheriff marked the oppression that had swallowed the entire authorities. His leadership was weak, and Michael Larkin took the move to disapprove the decision of the Trump to second him in the office.

Larkin and Lacey have proved their stand on the matters related to the human rights with the intention of transforming the society.

Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Offering Security Solutions

Securus Technologies in April 2015, announced that they had signed a Stock Purchase Agree to get JPay Inc. JPay is the company that is leading in technology. The firm introduced the electronic payments, and also numerous educational and entertainment apps. The company has also managed to operate in over 33 state prison systems. This transaction was able to push Securus to be the fastest growing segment in the corrections, email and also inmate tablets and more information click here.

Since the transaction was announced in 2015, they have been able to secure equity and debt funding. They also got all the relevant approvals from the State and Federal bodies of regulations. This made it possible for the company to be able to offer anything that is related to software and tech to the correctional facilities. This will make it possible for the correctional agencies to run a modern prison efficiently. The manager of Securus claimed to have been watching JPay for a long time and had admired their continued success and learn more about Rick Smith.

The CEO of JPay claims that they were eager to expand their footprints. He claims that the products that JPay have will be of great value to all sectors; the family, prison staff, friends, and the inmates. The firm mainly focuses on the developing some groundbreaking products. They then hope to gain some adoption on a large scale. They now claim that they can do that when they have Securus behind them. The CEO gave credit to the staff members of the company as they have been pursuing the vision of the firm. They have been able to make the products safer and more efficient. This has made it possible for the inmates to transition to being good citizens.

The chairman and CEO of Securus, Richard Smith, claims that Securus Technologies is a high investment. He alleges that the company releases development proposals every week. This helps the law enforcement officers to prevent any social problems by solving crimes. Rick Smith claims that the company receives thousands of emails and letters from customers. They use this as a form of showing appreciation on the continued provision of adequate services from the enterprise. Mr. Smith claims that part of the firm’s honor to protect and serve is building safety into the DNA of the company and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

Securus Technologies is the firm that is leading in providing technologies that are used in protecting the society. The correction organizations have continued to request for their services. The company mainly specializes in the criminal and civil technology to solve and prevent crimes. The current headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, TX. The company now serves over 2000 law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies. It also serves more than one million inmates in North America and resume him.

Points that Investors Should Learn From to be Successful

Tim Armor who is the CEO of Capital Group commented on Warren Buffet’s tactic of making a brilliant investment of putting a stake of $ 1 million to charity instead of investing on costly funds which work to the investors’ disadvantage since the risk is high. He supports Warrens’ decision of making the bottom-up investment and his ability to do thorough research on analyzing companies since it results in a low-cost investment.

Buffet advised shareholders during a meeting saying how mutual funds most of the time results into poor long-run because of excessive trading and high management fees. Opportunity cost and the extent of risk are hard to foresee hence, for investors to ensure good returns, they need to make low-cost investments. He told investors to always do a thorough research on smart fund managers and learn more about Timothy.

Timothy Armour serves as Principal Chief Executive and Chairman of Capital Group which is one of the largest investment firms in the world. He is also the portfolio manager and has worked as an equity investment analyst. Tim studied at Middlebury College and graduated with bachelor’s degree in economics. His numerous years of experience is what has made him a brilliant investor. Tim has worked for Capital group for many years since the start of his career in 1983 where started by being a participant in The Associate Program and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Tim Armour is always advising investors with his philosophy of “staying active but remaining cool.” He encouraged investors to find active financial managers who can catch business trends. He says that many financial managers have become inactive and they are not doing enough research instead they rely on the index funds and more information click here.

The success of Capital Group can be credited to its president, Tim, since he has been known to take huge risks. For instance, Dow Jones fell 521 within a day in August 2015, scaring investors, but Amour surprised many when he stayed relaxed saying that the trend was trying to respond to a six-year bull market by correcting it, which he was proved right. Tim stands out as the best leader and an asset to the Capital Group.

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Jose Borghi has Clearly Cut a Niche in the Brazilian Advertising Arena

Jose Borghi is a Brazilian advertiser, with major recognitions locally and internationally. He is based in Sao Paulo. What makes him outstanding is his ability to make adverts that make a large impact and are impossible to forget, such as Mammals of Parmalat, Review Concept by Fiat, and Carlinhos by the Down Syndrome Association among others. Besides advertising, Jose Borghi has massive know-how in strategic planning, management, and leadership. He did his degree in advertising and propaganda at the Pontifical Catholic University and more information click here.

Career Development

Jose Borghi decided on advertising as a career when his sister took him to an event that displayed commercial adverts at the Castro Neves Theater. His great legacy in advertising started in 1989 when he landed a job at Standart Ogilvy agency as an advertising agent. After his tenure had ended, he worked for multiple reputable companies, such as FCB, DM9DDB, and Talent. His next employer was Leo Burnett where he started off as the chief creative officer and later the CEO. He left Leo Burnett in 2002 and joined hands with Ray Erh to create BorghiErh, an ad agency. December 2006, Borghi Lowe + Partners came into the picture, and BorghiErh rebranded to Borghi Lowe. Jose Borghi was made the head and CEO of the new agency before its acquisition by the Mullen Group. The resulting partnership was named Mullen Lowe Brazil, which Jose runs as the CEO to date since his appointment in 2015 alongside Andre Gomes.


Jose Borghi drives his strength from his ability to rise above adversities, working relentlessly to get what he desires. He has learned that without putting the required effort, he wouldn’t go far. Over the years, his efforts have been recognized with several awards that he has received like the 2009 Most Professional Ad Expert given by the Brazilian Advertising Professionals Association.

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The Success of Troy McQuagge

One Planet Awards is a program that recognizes and honors people in business and professionals globally, either in the public or private sector, for their excellence. The awards are divided into categories which include teams, marketing, products and services, executives, PR, and Corporate Communications. In 2016, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge was named the Chief Executive Officer of the year and awarded Gold. In his acceptance speech, Mr. McQuagge thanked One Planet Awards for the recognition and acknowledged the USHEALTH Group, Inc. He gave credit to his workmates for their commitment to providing affordable healthcare to their customers. They make sure that the innovative coverage grows with the needs of the healthcare and learn more about Tory.

In the leadership of Tory McQuagge, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has emerged as a leading health insurance institute with a massive growth, profitability, and success. Based in Texas, the insurance company is responsible for providing individuals and owners of small businesses with innovative healthcare services. The group ensures that their services are up-to-date by combining the diverse skills of its staff and agents to advertise their profitable insurance products. In 2004, the group elected McQuagge as its President and CEO after he oversaw the rebuilding of USHEALTH Advisors, its distribution agency platform.

Troy McQuagge has a degree of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Over the years, Troy has been a man of the people by volunteering his services and donating to charitable organizations like HopeKids Phoenix, Semper Fi Fund, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix among others. Apart from the One Planet Award, he has been awarded the Most Innovative CEO of the Year Award by CEO World Awards. As a member of the Board of Directors also, he is in charge of strategic growth and profitability of the organization’s insurance operations.

With over 30 years in sales fields, Troy has proved that he can solve complex issues and has the required leadership skills to develop start-ups and small companies that need his help. His abilities have seen him achieve exceptional results not only in the health industry, but also in Finance, Accounting, Banking, and other related sectors and more information click here.

Chris Burch Has Accomplished A Lot In The Business World

The business world has many different industries that provide unique products and services to the public. Some of the industries have become very popular in the public. Two industries that hold a special place in the public are the fashion industry and the technology industry. Both of the industries have several things in common that help to make the industries very popular among millions of people around the world.


One of the things that makes both the technology and fashion industries popular is the innovations that come from the industries. In the technology industry, innovations have become very important. The push of technology popularity is tied to several innovations over the past few decades. These innovations along with many others have helped to shape the way many people handle daily work and personal tasks.


The fashion industry is also an industry that maintains innovation as an important aspect of the industry. Fashion is one of the most popular influences on the public. People decide many things based on fashion trends and what is popular in the fashion industry. Both the technology and fashion industries help to determine how the public and other industries will move forward because the fashion and technology industries are watched closely.


In recent years, the combination of fashion and technology has been used to create a fresh approach to fashion. The look of technology with fashion has given a variety of things that fashion companies have done in the past few years to blend the use of technology with fashion designs. With numerous technology products in the marketplace that are very popular and useful, the fashion industry has been able to utilize various technology to push the concept of fashion and technology.


In both the technology industry and fashion industry, business vision is very important regarding success. Executives must be able to move companies forward in the industries. Chris Burch is a business executive who has been able to start and run successful companies in both the technology and fashion industries. Chris Burch brings excellent business vision to the table at companies where he has a leadership role.


Fashion has a combination of skills and talents that make it a very difficult industry to compete in successfully. The same can be said of the technology industry. Chris Burch has the combination of talents and skills that is necessary to start and run successful companies in multiple industries including the fashion and technology industries.


Josh Verne on Successful Personal and Career Life

Josh Verne is an expert in teaching people how to become a leader and find success in life. In fact, that is his world. He is currently the founder and CEO of, which is based in Pennsylvania. The company serves as a peer-to-peer content exchange for college students. The company was founded in 2016 and his previous experience made him well qualified for the position.


Prior to his Flocku success, he was co-president of a company called Home Line Furniture. The company sells a variety of home furnishing. His success in this position was a catapult for his next business venture. He and a childhood friend, Jon Dorfman worked together on a company called When that company was sold in 2014, he founded Flocku.


His suggestion to put employees interests above your own because that will, in the end, put your interests first. He also encourages people to listen more and talk less.


One of the most sage pieces of advice that he gives to people up and coming in business is to balance your personal life and everything else will fall into place. When you have a happy home, you have a successful business life. Find out what the most important things in your life. What are you goals and where will you take it? Following his easy to achieve guidelines will help make you successful in all aspects of your life.

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