JustFab Shines as Subscription Giant

The great thing about some online companies like JustFab is the growth of these companies even in hard times. It doesn’t seem to matter how many people are losing their jobs or cutting back on spending.

Women always seem to set aside some money for shopping. In fact, more than 4 million subscribers have already decided to put this money aside for clothing each month from JustFab.

There is a lot of talk about the effectiveness of JustFab as so many other companies that offer subscription services – often times for much less – have failed to see subscription growth. The Dollar Shave Club literally has a subscription service for $1, but JustFab has seen more growth in recent years than this club.

This is the rather obvious sign that this company is doing something right. In an area where there are so many executives that are doing the wrong thing, JustFab has carved out a path to keep customers loyal.

According to the LA Times, Just Fab is heading towards an IPO. This is something that shows that there is a high level of confidence that is associated with the profit and growth of this organization. There is a lot of talk about economical conditions, but it is evident to see the type of growth that JustFab is having.

JustFab has managed to keep growing because there is such a large desire for clothes that are affordable. It can be difficult sometimes to find stylish clothes that are within the price range that working class women can afford.

JustFab has managed to cater to this demographic and the subscription service has made the process even easier. It has become the type of company that is improving largely because of there is so much buzz about the brand through social media.  Learn more about JustFab:  http://www.bloomberg.com/Research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=1434785&privcapId=37181322&previousCapId=37181322&previousTitle=Intelligent%20Beauty,%20Inc

There are a large number of people that are familiar with JustFab, but many people are still trying to find out what this company is about.