Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Taking Techstyle to a New Level

Technology is revolutionizing every industry. Fashions industry has now adopted the technology by taking e-commerce. On top of that, many fashion companies are adopting subscription programs where customers register and order customized shoes or clothes. One of the companies that have adopted this technology is Techstyle Fashion Group. Techstyle is a fashion company that was co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

The two entrepreneurs developed an interest in the fashion industry and decided to join the industry. They founded JustFab which was later rebranded to Techstyle. JustFab launched a membership program for footwear in 2010. This program enables interested customers to subscribe monthly, and they get 30% off retail pricing. On top of that subscribers get promotions, reward points, as well as free shipping depending on the orders. Techstyle offers high-quality footwears that are well priced to ensure clients get the value of their money.

This model worked as in only two years the site had attracted over six million subscribers. Also, JustFab had sold over 2.5 million pairs of shoes in the first quarter of 2012. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler were very impressed with the progress and decided to invest more funds in the business. They acquired ShoeDazzle and FabKids which enabled their fashion company to broaden its operations in Germany, the UK as well as other six countries. On top of that, They launched Fabletics in collaboration with Kate Hudson.

Techstyle Fashion group has invested at least $70 million in developing tech products like the FashionOS technology platform. On top of that, they have invested heavily in coming up with products that are well designed and have high quality. The fashion company wants to make everybody comfortable no matter their shape or size. As a result, customers can submit their sizes and tastes via the platform, and the company has all tastes and sizes for everyone. Techstyle have also invested heavily in marketing its products and services.

The two entrepreneurs had different roots in their careers but met at Intermix company. Adam Goldenberg founded Gamers Alliance at a young age and later sold it to Intermix which absorbed him when he was 19 years old. He later co-founded intelligent Beauty. On the other hand, Don Ressler owned which he sold to Intermix. Intermix also absorbed him, and he made a significant impact at the company. They both shared the same dream of making fashion industry different through technology. These great entrepreneurs have been working together to see Techstyle Fashion Group grow its customer base while delivering quality footwear as well as fitness wears.