Successful Selling with Jeunesse

Numerous customers enjoy shopping for Jeunesse products. The company is expanding, and it offers more products than ever before. Jeunesse primarily provides cosmetic products, but the company also has some healthy shakes.


The cosmetic industry has nearly doubled in size over the past few years. Millions of people are willing to spend money to look and feel younger. Jeunesse has an aggressive marketing and growth plan. The company has already eclipsed a billion dollars in revenue.


There are multiple reasons for the success of Jeunesse. The company has excellent customer service, and the products last for an extended period.




Advertising is critical to the success of any company. Jeunesse takes a unique approach to marketing. Instead of spending money on traditional marketing methods, the company offers discounts to customers who post about the products on various social media platforms. Giving financial incentives to customers is a proven way to entice others to try the products.




Some cosmetic companies try to cut corners by reducing product quality. Jeunesse takes a different approach by using the best ingredients available. Not only that, but the company also works on increasing sustainability during the production process. The founders of Jeunesse want to make a positive difference around the world. The company invests money in areas where factories are located to stimulate the local economy.


Direct Selling

Jeunesse offers a direct selling option for customers who are interested in starting a small business. Direct selling is a proven method for generating additional income. Direct selling does not cost a lot of money to get started. Most of the people who participate in the program enjoy using the products offered by Jeunesse.


Although direct selling is not easy, this program is an excellent option for people who want to make more money and interact with customers. Some participants make hundreds of dollars per month.

Lacey and Larkin role in the arrest of Joe Arpaio

In October 2007, Michael Lacey and jam Larkin, two veteran journalist from Arizona were arrested in the middle of the night by officers from the office of the sheriff. Back then Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Why were they arrested? The office of the sheriff accused them of publishing information that revealed the verdict of grand jury before actual revelation. Lacey and Larkin are the founders of two media outlets known as Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

They used these two platforms to publish information on illegal activities of state officials. One of their newspapers had carried a story about Joe Arpaio where they accused him of supporting discrimination of Latinos in Maricopa County.

Under his instructions, his officers were carrying out mass violations of human rights by arresting and torturing people who were found to be living in the county with the proper documents.

Arizona is one of the states that have a high number of immigrants due to its proximity to the Mexico border. Many immigrants try to access the United States by going through the southern border. Joe Arpaio as the Sheriff of one of the adversely affected counties decided that he would stop the immigration.

However, the steps he took to stop immigration were horrendous. They amounted to a violation of human rights which is a crime under the law. According to human rights laws, it does not matter the origin or the nationality of a person, as long as they are human beings, they deserve to be treated with the respect that is deserved of every person.

Joe Arpaio did not seem to understand the role of human rights. He discriminated the immigrants without giving them a chance.

Immigrants in his county would be arrested, placed under concentration camps before being deported back to the countries. It is in the concentration camps where immigrants would face the worst treatment. All manner of crimes went on these facilities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

People were beaten, tortured and even killed. There was also an inadequate supply of basic needs such as water and food. The temperatures in the facilities would go up to over 135 degrees Fahrenheit. It was almost impossible for human beings to survive under such conditions.

Another thing that happened in these facilities is that people were never given an opportunity to seek medical attention. There many immigrants who died because they were denied a chance to get treatment.

With such actions happening, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin could not seat easily. They felt that there was a need to act on these cases by asking for the prosecution of Arpaio.

After the arrest and release, they took the county to court and were awarded $3.75 million in compensation. They decided that they would use these funds to support human rights groups in Arizona. They do not want to see such a thing happen to any other person.

Joe Arpaio was in 2017 pardoned by President Trump in what was a dark day in the history of human rights activism all over the world.

Gregory Aziz And His Many Contributions To Ontario

In the city of London Ontario on April 30, 1949, Gregory James Aziz was born. He grew to be a man of success and power and great wealth. He also became highly educated and experienced with financial investments, numbers, and sales. He used this knowledge to his advantage. Gregory James Aziz became a Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of one of the top railroad car manufacturing companies in the country and the world.


The company’s name is National Steel Car. He is also a philanthropist, giving back to his community and caring for the people around whenever possible. He is extremely wealthy, so he is always sponsoring events and hosting food drives. He is not your typical Chief Executive Officer. He is not greedy by any means or driven by receiving profits. He does what he does and gives what he does because he enjoys it and he believes it is the right thing to do.


Gregory Aziz shows his generosity through his actions every day. Greg balances a career, managing a business, family, and being a charitable member of society perfectly. It is a busy life, but it is a good life that Gregory Aziz enjoys very much. When he is not within the walls of National Steel Car, he can usually be found with his wife, Irene. They are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Fair every year. They share a very close bond as husband and wife. Few is also extremely close with his daughters. He spends a lot of his time watching his eldest perform in horse shows. She is an avid competitor and was even part of the Angelstone Tournament in 2014.


Greg Aziz ended up sponsoring the tournament and was thanked personally by the hosts of the tournament. They stated that they were extremely grateful to have his support and looked forward to him being a part of the Angelstone family. Gregory James Aziz is a standup guy who prioritizes the safety of his consumers when it comes to his company. He also cares about the well-being of his employees and there are many who will attest to this fact if you ask them.


Greg James Aziz will someday leave a legacy. It will be known that he was a man of power and wealth, but also was born with a bigger heart than most. His life story will inspire others to chase their dreams relentlessly for years to come.   Read This Article for related information.