National Steel Car: Introducing The Golden Age Of Canadian Rail Transport

During the 1800s, the government of Canada constructed an extensive railroad line that would serve the eastern and the western cities. It brought great comfort to the citizens, and many people have shifted in using railroad transport for travel because it is faster. These railroad lines continued to change the transportation scene in the country, and by 1900s, train travel has become one of the most efficient ways to travel from one place to another. In 1912, a group of wealthy investors from the city of Hamilton had a brilliant idea – they established a rolling stock manufacturing plant, and referred to it as the National Steel Car.



The reason why they created a rolling stock manufacturing plant is that they knew that rolling stocks would become in demand as Canada continues to expand its railroad system. After they established the company, the National Steel Car managed to get the attention of investors, and a lot of investment started pouring in. The National Steel Car served private railroad transport operators and even the government of Canada. The National Steel Car became one of the most in-demand companies back then, serving hundreds of clients and creating dozens of rolling stocks per week. Go Here for more information.



The success of the National Steel Car continued as the 1920s decade came. They are receiving more orders than before, and more people are starting to develop their interest in the company. Other times, the National Steel Car refuses to accept order because of the enormous order backlogs. This period in the history of the National Steel Car is known as their Golden Age because they have been considered successful during these times. However, their success is only short-lived, as the company’s performance plummeted during the period known as the Great Depression.



The National Steel Car managed to survive the economic crisis, and it is still thriving in the present. A wealthy Canadian businessman, named Gregory James Aziz, purchased the company back in the year 1994, serving as the company’s president, chairman, and CEO. Greg Aziz is now considered as one of the most successful businessmen in the country, as he was able to restore the National Steel Car back to its golden age condition. Greg Aziz also stated that he would work hard to expand the company’s operations continually, and for their products to reach a new market. Currently, the National Steel Car only has one international partner – the United States.

3 tips for retiring early by David Giertz

David Giertz is an accomplished professional in the financial services industry. He has a working experience of 30 years and an Executive MBA and Bachelor of Science degree. With his education and experience, David can change institution’s processes, innovation, and strategy resulting in tremendous and profitable growth.

Recently, David served as the President of Nationwide Financial’s distribution and sales organization. He granted an impressive profitable revenue that exceeded the targets of P&L as he increased it from $11B to $17.8B. David is a leader and expert in business and strategy. Today, David continues to astonish institutions with the enormous profits that these they make thanks to his expertise.

As David continues to exceed the ordinary, he still offers financial coaching. In his advice about early retirement, David talked about steps that one can follow to be financially independent and retire early successfully without any regret. The following are three fundamental tips from David Giertz for early retirement.

  1. Have enough savings

One can’t be sure of the amount he will need after leaving his job. Consequently, David advises people to save as much as possible when working. If you are planning for the standard retirement, you should aim to have saved ten times your annual pay by the time you are sixty. If you considering to retire earlier, you will need to work harder and save more times your yearly pay.

  1. Go for a flexible retirement plan

Most retirement plans will penalize you if you withdraw your savings early. David Giertz advises any person wishing to retire early to choose a flexible program to avoid such penalties. Besides, David suggests that one can go with Roth IRA plan. Although this plan is limited to those earning below $118,000 annually, one can withdraw money without penalties. 72t rule and 401(k) are other retirement plans with few restrictions that you can consider.

  1. Invest

David notes that your savings are likely to increase if you invest your extra savings. You will find that an after-tax account is more flexible compared to a retirement account because you can withdraw at any time. Consequently, having such account will help you sell and buy currencies, stocks, and bonds. Also, a health savings accounts come in handy as it takes care of your future health care costs.