Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Offering Security Solutions

Securus Technologies in April 2015, announced that they had signed a Stock Purchase Agree to get JPay Inc. JPay is the company that is leading in technology. The firm introduced the electronic payments, and also numerous educational and entertainment apps. The company has also managed to operate in over 33 state prison systems. This transaction was able to push Securus to be the fastest growing segment in the corrections, email and also inmate tablets and more information click here.

Since the transaction was announced in 2015, they have been able to secure equity and debt funding. They also got all the relevant approvals from the State and Federal bodies of regulations. This made it possible for the company to be able to offer anything that is related to software and tech to the correctional facilities. This will make it possible for the correctional agencies to run a modern prison efficiently. The manager of Securus claimed to have been watching JPay for a long time and had admired their continued success and learn more about Rick Smith.

The CEO of JPay claims that they were eager to expand their footprints. He claims that the products that JPay have will be of great value to all sectors; the family, prison staff, friends, and the inmates. The firm mainly focuses on the developing some groundbreaking products. They then hope to gain some adoption on a large scale. They now claim that they can do that when they have Securus behind them. The CEO gave credit to the staff members of the company as they have been pursuing the vision of the firm. They have been able to make the products safer and more efficient. This has made it possible for the inmates to transition to being good citizens.

The chairman and CEO of Securus, Richard Smith, claims that Securus Technologies is a high investment. He alleges that the company releases development proposals every week. This helps the law enforcement officers to prevent any social problems by solving crimes. Rick Smith claims that the company receives thousands of emails and letters from customers. They use this as a form of showing appreciation on the continued provision of adequate services from the enterprise. Mr. Smith claims that part of the firm’s honor to protect and serve is building safety into the DNA of the company and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

Securus Technologies is the firm that is leading in providing technologies that are used in protecting the society. The correction organizations have continued to request for their services. The company mainly specializes in the criminal and civil technology to solve and prevent crimes. The current headquarters of Securus Technologies is in Dallas, TX. The company now serves over 2000 law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies. It also serves more than one million inmates in North America and resume him.

Lime Crime Scandal

Lime Crime is cult classic cosmetics line known widely to color loving and adventurous make up artists. The companys products are guaranteed to always carry a powerful pigment, and this lipstick is no different. Every shade in the line carries a powerful punch and long-lasting wear.

Earlier this year Lime Crime, a cruelty-free and vegan approved cosmetics company, released a new line of liquid-to-matte velvetine lipsticks to add to their amazing collection of power packed lip, eye, and face products. This new line features rich fall shades among pastels and neutrals. The deep shades range from true reds to a deep rich purple shade with smooth blue undertones by the name of Scandal. The lovely shade is accompianed by thirty five other colours in the liquid velvatine line.

Scandal is a particular purple shade made to complement a wide range of complections and skin tones. The long-lasting and irresistably smooth formulal, consistent throughout the brand, is sure to please. Perfect for a sultry fall pout in many ways, Scandal can be worn beautifully with a vampy smokey eye and black winged eyeliner, or with warm blended browns and gold eye shadow to create a bohemian fall look. For a spacy out of this world look, Scandal’s purple tones would complement any of the LimeCrime hi lite palettes perfectly. Add some glitter and Scandal is your fesival go to. The scandal lipstick is versatile and can be worn in any setting. The ability to dress this lipstick up or down truely makes it magical.

These lipsticks are the perfect solution for anyone looking to amp up their makeup collection for the fall with a new trendy shade or experiement with stunning new colors in their stash. Purple is an underutilized lipstick shade, but is a beautiful statement especially in the cooler months.

Clay Siegall Uses Biotechnology To Assist Cancer Patients

Mr. Siegall has made huge commitment to the field of biotechnology and science when all is said in done. Broadly known as a humanitarian, he has made the battle against malignancy a subject of awesome worry to him. He is a creator of more than 70 productions and holds 15 licenses. In his official blog, Clay Siegall has a few articles which incorporate one article where he expounds on how the human choices influence their condition. This article depends on the contentions of Dan Ariely; a behavioral financial expert. Another post is on how researchers are taking a shot at a yeast venture which is huge on the grounds that it gives experiences into how human cells function. Different articles incorporate how the ring on planet Saturn is sizable chunk yet looks small and how hard decisions engage individuals by Ruth Chang.

Mr. Siegall Ph.D. is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive director of Seattle Genetics which was built up in 1998.Clay Siegel is one of the originators of Seattle Genetics which goes for helping malignancy patients through inventive biotechnological look into. Because of Dr. Siegall’s flawless business approach, ADCETRIS was gone into a few vital permitting bargains including Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline. Seattle Genetics has additionally accomplished such a great amount by working with other biotechnological organizations. Dr. Siegall has assumed a noteworthy part in the organization including the organization’s real subsidizing that happened in 2001. He has from that point forward endeavored to secure financing from private that add up to more than $675 million.

Dr. Siegall has contributed essentially under his organization in the Cancer inquire about program. He has given a great deal of want to individuals who experience the ill effects of Cancer by promising 12 new tumor drugs. He unmistakably comprehends the torment that these patients experience and hence will utilize his insight in growing more alternatives for them. Dr. Siegall’s achievement in his profession can be credited to his past encounters, for example, working with the National establishments of wellbeing and growth. He additionally worked for a few research associations. Dr. Siegall moved on from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a degree from Maryland University.

What Rocketship Education has Achieved at Their Ten Year Mark

Rocketship Education recently marked a decade of serving children in grades K-5 by listing ten tasks they could benefit from by implementing them into their approach to education. As a network of charter schools aimed at providing better educations for children of low-income households, Rocketship Education has always focused on connecting families and educators. After ten years of serving communities in California, they still advocate getting involved with parents and students by providing home visits for personalized learning. They also believe in helping parents become leaders in their communities to help bring about the type of changes that will benefit their children in the future. They saw the results of their efforts when a parent from San Jose helped implement changes that brought about the construction of a new middle school and high school.

The team behind Rocketship Education is also working toward bringing all schools together in an effort to provide better educations for students from all types of backgrounds. Rather than have people think charter schools are designed to segregate students, they strive to make it known that their schools put the interests of the children first without regard to their race or ethnicity. They also believe in taking action in order to demonstrate what their schools stand for. This is seen in the number of people who actively choose to enroll their children in the charter schools that are part of the Rocketship Education network.

The philosophy that every student can succeed is what propels Rocketship Education to continually move forward in their efforts to provide students with the best education possible. They achieve this by staffing their charter schools with educators who want to take an active role in their students learning. They also encourage parents to become more involved in the role they play in the educational system. The students who attend Rocketship Education charter schools receive personalized learning to help them grow and advance toward a brighter future. These leaders take the time to create programs that meet the needs of every student through an integration of technology and tutoring to ensure what they learn takes root.


Lime Crime Makeup Breaks Beauty Boundaries With Sexy New ‘Scandal’ Velvetines Lipstick Addition

When a beauty company is on a serious roll and continuously launching amazing lipsticks and eye shadows, then we expect the good times to keep happening.

Lime Crime makeup never disappoints, and their newest intense shade Scandal proves that the power of a fabulous lipstick will never go out of style, especially one that is sexy, playful, mysterious and absolutely potent in pigment.

Scandal is that shade that turns every head; it’s the perfect blend of a deep rich purple-violet-plum that uses the sensuality of the reddest roses found in nature. Not only is the shade one of a kind, but the formula from Lime Crime’s Velvetines line makes all the difference. The liquid matte lippies are famous around the world because the colors are bold and beautiful, never drying on the lips, retain their super long staying power and feel just like velvet. In addition, the formula is dipped in the essence of French vanilla for that ooh la la sweet cupcake scent.

Velvetines lipsticks apply smoothly and evenly and are lightweight. There is no feathering or bleeding, and the formula dries quickly. From there, it doesn’t budge, and your lips are glam and sexy for at least eight hours. Your lips remain velvety-smooth and will not dry out.

Scandal is an excellent addition to the huge Velvetines lineup. At the moment, there are 45 stellar shades, and Scandal is a welcome new shade for those women who dare to wear it and create a scandal or two.

To get a perfect up close and personal look, check out the Velvetines line here.