The Secure Securus Technologies Experience.

One of the most interesting companies for an It specialist to work could well perhaps be Securus Technologies. The information and technology company provides one of the most critical services to both the American and Canadian government institutions and maintains a very high standard of continuous innovation all throughout its operational existence. Beside the innovation factor, the goals of the company that its over 1,000 employees work towards bestows upon them a sense of purpose in the rehabilitation sector, and security sector. Also, working around prisoners can be very interesting because learning about convicts and the choices that made in life can also create a surreal environment to a persons’ creativity.

Securus Company is an American company that focuses its efforts in communication innovation, dedicated towards revamping prison systems for the maximization of communication integrity of the institutions that the company serves. The company’s main objective at any holding facility is to secure the facility by providing it with cutting edge technology customized for the institution and its entire community. Therefore, the job entails observing the organizational culture of the client institutions to determine the kind of computer programs to install. The company installs programs that control video and audio surveillances as well as lock systems for offices, alleys and cells. To design and install such programs, the Securus personnel have to observe the movements by officials and inmates and identify any structural weaknesses that need improvement.

The company is also interesting to work at since it upholds creativity, innovation, and invests in the same. Even though not all employees may be inclined towards the technological knowhow that is demanded of the company, they could still make suggestions that may be developed by the IT gurus at the firm. The company also enters into various partnerships for the sake of developing new or modified technologies and security products. Such partnerships involve new working engagements with different stuff and new ideas.

Also, the developers of software and hardware at the Securus Technologies get the opportunity to work on their developments and build on them. Weekly refurbishments of technologies mean that employees predominantly work on building and polishing up on technologies and designing updates that would throw trailers off the track. Additionally, most of the company personnel get to read the numerous letters of appreciation that stream in the company’s correspondence office. Whether the employees read them for leisure, to make analysis, for oversight, to speculate or draw inspiration, the positive feedback is always inspiring, encouraging and motivating.


Gregory J Aziz Creates an Empire Out Of an Ordinary Company

National Steel is one of the leading railway road cargo engineering and manufacturing organizations in the world. The company was established in the year 1912 in Hamilton, Ontario and has been doing well for over 100 years now. The company’s Chairman, CEO and President Gregory James Aziz says that besides the company’s production and success, it does not hinder or act as a distraction to achieving more and better results. The company poses challenges to themselves to have better quality results than last time. National Steel is quite popular in North America and has a good reputation within the continent. The company’s work is to manufacture and design cargoes cars that serve on rails.

Gregory J Aziz praises the company for their outstanding effort and drive. They set their priorities straight and go for the goals they set. They are disciplined in that they get things done in time, and with these outstanding qualities, their clients have total faith in them. It is with tremendous effort and constant dedication the company does so well and keeps its loyal customers always at reach.

This is the only North American company certified to manufacture these products. It is not a wonder they have received various awards for the impact and influence they have brought. The award they have constantly received is the annual TTX SECO.

Greg Aziz in a Nutshell

Greg was born in 1949 in London, Ontario where he majored in Economics at the University of Ontario immediately after his attendance at the Ridley College. His family got their income from their food business which he joined to help out after his graduation in 1971. The company was doing well and flourished one and a half decade later. It had grown to become global supplying for the United States, Canada, Europe and most of South America.

For several years in the 80s and early 90s, Greg worked in New York for a bank. This was the first steps to his journey to National Steel. He wanted to make something more of it as he saw it had great potential. It was in the year 1994 when he got completely involved with the National Steel Company. He would work tirelessly to see to it that the company would eventually become fruitful. It indeed expanded and widened its horizons of supply.

The company owes its greatness to Greg for believing in it. It has employed thousands of people. Besides the company, Greg and Irene, his wife, sponsor Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


The Business and Charity Undertakings of Real Estate Guru, Jason Halpern.

Jason Halpern is a top real estate development expert who has been in the sector for a couple of years, and therefore, he has gained ample experience. He is known for being the owner of the JMH Development, which is currently headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Halpern has been serving the firm as its managing director. He has been associated with the real estate sector all his life since his family has owned a construction business for about five decades. Their company built several significant properties in New York. They have an outstanding record in the development of state-of-the-art residential housing in New York and the Westchester County. JMH Development controls many commercial buildings that are rented for business in the Westchester County. Jason has built several top-notch structures in different cities in the United States. He is passionate about his job, and this has facilitated his success.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

Mr. Halpern has managed to develop a good reputation for himself as well as a niche in the real estate sector. He has been in the business for long enough to understand what it takes to be different from competitors. Jason’s company has constructed exceptional buildings in various regions, and he has always strived to ensure that it has healthy relationships with the people of those localities. His interactive nature makes his work to be regarded as a landmark. JHM Development has always acknowledged the communities that hire its services. Its construction solutions are wide ranging, and they focus on both residential and commercial properties in the U.S. The firm has been building highly innovative and lavish structures that suit the needs of its affluent clients who are based in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

Mr. Halpern’s makes significant returns and has been generous to the community. He gave a lot of money to support the day to day operations of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The facility is located in the Westchester Medical Center, and one of its top features is the Level 1 Trauma Facility. It is served by highly trained medical personnel. Its primary services are complex emergency neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, fixing dislocated limbs, and open-heart surgery. It has also been helpful to children, burn victims, pregnant women, and people who have internal injuries.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development has also been participating in philanthropic courses. It has dedicated itself to offering clean water through a multinational global water non-profit company. The beneficiaries of the firm’s project are the people of Nepal and Ethiopia. The contractors of the program are Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. JMH Development pledged that it will be offering $20,000 for each tender that it is awarded at the Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. Over 650 families have gained from the company’s charity program.