Highland Capital Management To Contribute $1 Million Towards Family Place’s New Facility

Family Place provides shelter for victims of domestic violence in Texas. Its objective is to eliminate violence through the provision of assistance to victims and their families, extensive community education, proactive prevention, and intervention. The Family Place Legacy Campaign aims towards the construction of the Ann Moody counseling center for victims of domestic violence in Dallas.

The facility will include group and private counseling rooms for adults and children, a centralized hotline, dental and medical clinics, and multiple emergency shelter bedrooms.

Corgan, one of the leading architectural firms in the United States, will be designing the facility. Highland Capital Management’s President and co-founder James Dandero announced that the company would be contributing one million dollars towards Family Place’s $16.5 million legacy campaign.

The grant will be dispensed through HCM’s philanthropic department, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. This was after the Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings called on the community to help solve this life-threatening problem in the city.

Family Place CEO Paige Flink said that the Ann Moody Counselling Centre is a great opportunity for anyone willing to provide life-changing services as well as shelter for victims of domestic violence. Highland Capital Management President made this announcement at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas during the facility’s Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards last year.

About Highland Capital Management

According to The Dallas Journal, launched in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management is a leading global investment company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered financial and investment consultant with over $16 billion in assets under its management. Some of the services offered at Highland Capital Management include credit hedge funds, special-situation private equity and many other financial and investment solutions.

With several years experience in the industry, the company’s client list comprises corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals.

The business has regional offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Sao Paolo and over 180 employees worldwide. The company’s philanthropic arm, the Highland Dallas Foundation, is involved in the work of national and local non-profit organizations on a regular basis.

The E-commerce market Takes Notice of Don Ressler

The e-commerce markets took notice of Don Ressler when he had success with Intelligent Beauty. Dermstore was Intelligent Beauty’s product that gained massive attention. There had been several cosmetics and skincare products in the internet, but Dermstore met the attention of many. The product created a significant impact in the market because of its nature of working. Don Ressler sold Dermstore under Intelligent Beauty before moving to a new line of product that dealt with weight loss systems. Ressler succeeded with his online marketing strategies. He believed that other online markets were not succeeding because they were not focusing on the correct internet marketing strategy. The success of Dermstore gave Don Ressler a good experience with online marketing and product sales.

In 2011, he decided to start another company known as JustFab. JustFab would become an e-commerce fashion retailer. Don Ressler assisted in finding funding for JustFab. The company was able to receive close to $33 million from Matrix Partners at http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0. In 2012, it held another line of funding that saw it record $76 million. Other investors joined hands to assist in the growth of the company. These investors include Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Crossover Ventures.  The company wanted to expand to boost its growth and venture to newer markets.

JustFab had its fourth round of funding in 2014 that saw it raise close to $85 million. Passport Special Opportunity contributed a significant amount. Other investors such as Matrix Partners and Shining Capital participate in the funding. Don Ressler has played a huge in finding funds for JustFab. The amount has improved sales by the company and its growth rate on Brandettes. JustFab has hit its maximum sales record of $250 million sales a year.

Apart from just finding funds and expanding to newer markets, JustFab strives to have its line of clothing available for everyone. The firm has since launched clothing items that are termed as all-inclusive on Crunchbase. These items are going to cater to plus size ladies. Most of the time, plus size clothing are rarely available. Many fashion clothing items prefer selling clothing items that fit the ordinary woman. However, JustFab has strived to create a fashion line that is available for every woman.

Investment Banking Defined–Its Complicated Nature Merely Rests on the Fact it Offers Many Refined Banking Services to the Financially Savvy Organization:

The investment banking arena is an area that is highly refined. It is a segment of banking operations that remains sophisticated, and very necessary. The person requiring an investment banker, generally calls upon the services of the professional investment banker, in order to acquire much-needed Capital, as it relates to his or her business endeavor. Also: as a bonus, the investment banking professional is at the disposal of the company executive to provide him or her with financial advice, as to the allocation of the funding—if the entrepreneur or Chief Executive Officer so requires it.


The Investment Banker as Intermediary:

The investment banker is unique in that he or she can perform in the capacity of an intermediary. His or her role is a go-between of the issuer of a security and the investor. He is at the disposal of the start-up, allowing such an organization, the capability of going public. The investment banking house is able to purchase all of the shares available, at a price that is projected by their expert staff, and then resell the shares to the public; or sell the shares on behalf of the issuing agent, taking a commission on each singular share, sold.


The Investment Banking House is Relative as it Pertains to Many Financial Roles and Services:

The varied description of services offered above, may at first seem overwhelming, to a person new to the concept of investment banking and investment banking services. Even a person, fairly sophisticated and knowledgeable about financial matters, may require a clear more concise definition. In order to accommodate the interested audience, investment banking, more clearly defined, is truly complex. However, it basically is comprised of many complicated mechanisms, from a financial standpoint. The investment banking house, is purposeful, in a varied way; and relative to many types of business enterprises. The investment banker or organization provides services such as proprietary trading, trading of securities—relative to their own accounts; it involves itself in mergers and acquisitions of various companies; and provides advisory services.

The investment banker leverages finances, with regard to money lending in order to purchase assets. It is involved in the settlement of acquisitions. It provides companies with financial restructuring, in order to improve upon the financial infrastructure of organization. The restructuring is necessary in order to assure that the company is more efficient, as to operations. When the company becomes more efficacious with respect to its operability, the result is that it attains maximum profitability. The investment banker, too, provides new issues, also referred to as IPOs, in order that the new firms are able to go public.

The investment bank earns its dimes and nickels, so to speak, by way of advising companies and assisting them in their growth. In example, the Smith Organization is ready to purchase the Jones Company. The matter of concern is, though, that the Smith Organization is not at all certain about the value of the company it wishes to buy. They, accordingly, are confused about any long-term or substantial benefits that may come to them, when acquiring the Jones Company. The investment banking house makes it a point of providing services, to the Smith Organization, in way of due diligence, in order to properly attain the true value of the Jones Company. It provides settlement services for the Smith Organization, by preparing, legally, all of the required documents, relative to the purchase. It advises the Smith Organization, accordingly, on how to handle the deal. As it pertains to the preceding advice, the Investment Banking Organization, knows full well, proper timing is of the utmost importance, when the Smith Organization approaches the Jones Company about its purchase plan.

The preceding scenario, provides the reader with how an investment banking organization makes use of its skill-set, when working on behalf of the client, wishing to purchase a company. That said, there are other scenarios, wherein, the investment banking organization is working on the sell side. The bottom line, though, as to the banking organization, earning its revenue, rests on the deal, which it has performed on behalf of its client. In other words, “at the end of the day,” the commission earned by the commission bank is relative to the size of the deal. The larger the deal, the more in the way of a commission, the investment banking house has earned.


Martin Lustgarten—Notes:

Martin Lustgarten is Chief Executive Officer at Lustgarten, Martin. He works within the investment banking profession. His primary residence is located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. His investment banking experience is quite extensive.

Lustgarten is a great fan of vintage collectibles. He appreciates anything that has value; with innate beauty attached. Naturally, due to his expressionism, within the preceding areas, Mr. Lustgarten is a curious thinker. He does not ignore interesting facts or insights. He truly enjoys trading items such as vintage watches. He is a multi-task oriented individual; and is interested in various matters of subject. It is the preceding two characteristics which allow Mr. Lustgarten to provide sound, yet financially-creative investment advice to the clientele which he serves, in a truly reliable and refined, professional manner. Creativity and reliability: Mr. Lustgarten strives to assure that his clients receive the highest level of investment banking advice and services; available or that he is able to supply.