Organo Gold: The Company for Your Health

Organo Gold, founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, is a global company with a focus on products geared to the health of their consumers. Products offered include gourmet beverages such as coffee and teas as well as personal care items.

All of these contain ganoderma, a type of mushroom known for its capability to maintain and improve a person’s health. The mission of the company is to spread knowledge of Ganoderma around the world.

The healthful benefits of Ganoderma was something Bernardo Chua was exposed to at an early age. As a Phillipines native affectionately called “Bernie”, he introduced Ganoderma to his country first. He successfully marketed the herb there, and later outside of the region.

Bernardo Chua continues work with Ganoderma producers and funds research related to the herb. OrganoGold is a step ahead of its’ competitors keeping abreast of new breakthroughs.

Based in Canada, Organo Gold is the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. Products are available through an independent distributor within the company.

Organo Gold has a goal to help individuals earn extra income or find financial freedom through the business opportunity as an independent distributor of these products. Organo Gold distributors provide product samples, products, shipping options, and discounted items through the company’s Preferred Customer Program.

Organo Gold was given the National Shoppers Award as the top direct selling company. Bernardo Chua was recognized in 2014 with the National Consumers Quality award, and Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice. Chua’s business is corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation.

His vision to sell healthy products on a multi-level marketing basis along with community service gives Organo Gold a dominant presence within the industry.

JustFab joins People StyleWatch to offer an Exclusive Fashion Collection to their Customers

People StyleWatch, a women fashion brand focused on the millennial consumers, has joined hands with JustFab, a popular fashion e-commerce site on, to bring to their customers a capsule collection dubbed People StyleWatch Exclusively for JustFab.

The collection will include the latest handbags and footwear for the spring season and will be available exclusively on JustFab’s official online outlet,

Fashion designers and magazine editors from the two companies have been working together to provide their customers with the top springs trends. The products on that will be rolled out using the partnership will feature various types and designs of shoes and bags.

An editor at People StyleWatch said that, alongside fashion experts from JustFab, they had created the ultimate collection of shoes and bags to upgrade any wardrobe. The editor also revealed that the collection will be available to their customers 24 hours every day of the week on JustFab. The collection is set to be every girl’s dream as it would feature footwear and bags that every girl might need for any occasion or any time of the day. The collection has a wide range of casual and official fashion products for the youthful woman.

The VIP members of will have access to the merchandise for a flat rate of $39.95.

The combined power of the two organizations is going to expose the products to millions of people they appeal to. People StyleWatch was launched in 2007 as a leading media outlet focused on millennia’s fashion tastes.

JustFab was established in 2010 as a subscription e-commerce site that offers personalized and exclusive shopping expeditions to its subscribers.

Members of JustFab have access to a wide range of products ranging from shoes, jewelry, and handbags. The members are also offered fashion advice from the dedicated fashion advice team at JustFab. Most of the items are available to the VIP members for $39.95 per item. JustFab’s products are available in USA, Canada, UK, and select European countries.

Don Ressler founded JustFab alongside his business partner, Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler is a serial entrepreneur who owns and co-owns several other companies. Ressler has been involved in building several businesses from scratch to see them grow their value to millions of dollars.

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